een taxi op MIIA nemen zonder 'geript' te worden (Manila)

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    Dat MIIA het slechtsle vliegveld ter wereld is weet iedereen. Ook de taximaffia op MIIA heeft hier een groot aandeel in. veel toeristen betalen 1000den pesos te veel, zelfs als ze al een prijs op voorhand hebben afgesproken, raken bagage kwijt of worden op andere manieren beroofd. Om het leed toch toch proberen te voorkomen, of iig wat te verzachten lees onderstaand artikel. de beste manier om leed te voorkomen is trouwens direct door de vliegen vanaf MIIA of een ander vliegveld te kiezen, DAVAO is het beste, clark is ook goed, net als iliilo, cebu over het algemeen ook, aleen het verkeer is er zo niet erger verstopt dan in manila.

    getting a taxi at Manila airport

    When you are travelling to the Philippines and arrive in Manila Airport it would be best if you have family or friends who pick you up at the airport. This is the cheapest and safest way to start your visit to this country.
    But not everybody has friends or family who are able to pick them up from the airport. The reason might be that you have to travel to the province next day or you just visit the Philippines on your own. In such case you probably have booked a hotel. Many hotels, but not all, have an airport pick-up service. If they do: Use it, even if you have to pay for it. Most of the times this service is cheap or even free. You just have to tip the driver. Depending on the quantity of luggage you have, a tip of 50 or 100 pesos would be fine.
    In the arrival area of the airport you will find ATM machines where you can get pesos. Take care that you have smaller bills like 50 and 100. In case you decide to get a regular taxi you will need to pay in smaller bills, because a taxi driver often doesn’t have change or he pretends not to have change!!

    If you need to arrange your own transport, the safest way is to get a yellow airport taxi. They are more expensive than the ordinary taxi’s but safer and they are using the taxi meter.
    Look for a sign that says: “Yellow Taxi” or “airport taxi” or just ask an airport official where to find them.
    There is a man who writes down the taxi number and your destination, and shows it to the driver. After that, ask for the paper so you have the taxi number and the telephone number in case you need to complain.
    One advice: Always ask the driver to use the meter, never accept a fixed price, unless you are willing to pay too much. Advice number 2: Never load your luggage before you have asked the driver if he is using the taxi meter. Advice number 3: Always write down the license plate number of the taxi and the taxi number. Just in case you need to complain of anything during your trip.

    Another way of getting at your destination is a so called ‘coupon-taxi’. This way of taxi transport is better if you need to travel with more people and have a lot of luggage. The car is bigger and you need to pay a fixed price to your destination. The price you will pay in advance. Ask and eventually book this taxi at this web page or at Nissan coupon taxi.

    Every terminal has a service they call ‘coupon taxi’, they are government backed and they use big roomy cars . . . Each airport terminal has a ‘coupon taxi kiosk’, you can ask at the ‘tourism info’ desk BEFORE you go through customs where it is located.
    Go to the kiosk – tell them exactly where you are going – the fares are posted – and you pay in advance – so no meter – and no worries about whether the driver is taking the scenic route.
    After you pay, you get a receipt – hand that to the foreman outside, and hop into the cab he indicates.
    This is ONLY an airport service. These cabs do not roam – you can only get them at the airport.

    IF you know your way about Manila just go to the departure drop off area at the terminals and get into a WHITE (or colored) meter taxi and tell the driver to use the meter. If he will not, just get out and take another one. So do NOT put your bag in the trunk or your are trapped. Also always ask if the printer works as you need a receipt for your expense account. It will prevent the driver from playing with the meter set for a higher rate as the receipt will show the taxi information AND the distance traveled and time. So it cannot be 40 KM from airport to Makati.
    If you are going from one Terminal to another Terminal, consider taking the ‘airport shuttle’. Costs only 20 or 30 PHP + tip the driver/helper 10 PHP for help with your luggage. No need for a cab. The shuttle bus is available every 15 minutes or so, just near the taxi stand with the posted sign.
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    Taxi's zjn in manilla echt verschrikkelijk, ik betaalde 2000 peso voor een rit van T1 naar Terminal 3! Betalen moest ik anders wilde de schavuit mijn bagage niet uit de kofferbak halen. Tip: zet je koffer naast je neer op de achterbank, kan ie niet gegijzeld worden!

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